Monday, July 26, 2010

Bid #3 Tripp NYC wide-leg Goth pants.

What: I wore these size 7 Goth Pants among other things during my EGL phase in HS/1st year of college…until Mom got a new dining set with spiffy leather chairs. So, the exposed zipper pants were perma-banned. I dug these out of storage and, well…they’re still super comfy, but they haven’t aged too well on me. The wide legs makes me look way shorter than I am, for starters. And, yes, Ma still has her spiffy leather dining set. X/ Since these pants did cost a pretty penny, I’m looking for anyone who is into the Gothic scene or otherwise would wear these pants to swap with. I'm not at all opposed to Goth items, especially dresses, skirts, corsets, jackets and accessories. You can also purchase these for about 2/3 less than their in-store counterparts (Theirs: $60USD & up; Mine: about $20 USD Plus shipping). I think that's a pretty fair price. And I'm throwing in extra straps (army green & black) for the bid winner. (Yay!)

Why: They're not the most flattering pants for me. (I look much better in bootcut or flared pants.) They would look really good on a taller gal (or guy for that matter, since these are pretty much unisex pants, but I dunno what size guy these would fit). They could also be worn by curvy or large-bottom body types, especially if you like pants with lots of movement in the thighs or have a shorter waist.

Size/Fit: As I had previously mentioned, they're a (junior's) size 7, but a size 5 or size 9 might be able to wear them depending on their body type. (If you're a size 8 in misses clothing, these will also fit you well.) They have a button & zipper closure, but there's also a drawstring so the fit is a bit more flexible than, say, a pair of jeans.

Quality/Condition: These pants are of a most excellent condition. In fact, they're TV-quality. NCIS's Abby could wear them. I bet she would, in fact.

How: Email me at with the title of this post in the subject and give me your bid info (swap item or borrowing details) and the email you want me to contact you at if the one you're sending me is not yours. If you've won the bid, I'll contact you via email and ask for your shipping information. (I pay shipping on my item if it is a swap, shipping will be included in the borrow price.) I will not give your email or address to anyone else. Ever.

Deadline: All Bids on this item due by August 20th, 2010. (The deadline is subject to change if there are no bids by the 20th.)

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