Monday, July 26, 2010

Bid #2 No Excuses Jumper

What: A Pink Denim jumper from the late 80's or early 90's with front pockets and functional silver buttons on the sides & top. If this jumper isn't vintage already, it will be soon, so if you're a vintage collector, give this dress some consideration for your collection. I wore the leggings for a little bit more coverage, but you won't have to wear them if the jumper falls at the same length or longer than it does me. This is lovely as a dress with or without a shirt underneath or overtop. You could also use it as a craft/painting smock or a tunic.

Why: It's not the most flattering thing to my body, so I want to give it to someone who'll look better in it than I do. This will work well for someone with a curveless or "boyish" (InStyle's word, not mine) shape, and/or someone with a longer waist (and shorter legs). If you are petite (5'3" and shorter), I suggest you try this with some sort of heels. 

Quality/Condition: The Jumper is in excellent condition. If you are a semstress or DIY-er feel free to alter it in any way. I won't be sad, I promise. (However. I wouldn't try to remove the buttons. They're definitely staying where they are unless you melt them with a welder's torch...and that's dangerous and messy. If you're not a fan of the buttons, just cut the surrounding fabric off and sew the two ends back together.)

Size/Fit: It will definitely fit anyone with a size 38 or smaller bust/waist/hip. It may fit one size above that depending on your body type.  It falls to just above mid-thigh on me, so it shouldn't be too short unless you happen to be 6' or taller (but you could still wear it as a tunic/vest thing).

How: Email me at with the title of this post in the subject and give me your bid info (swap item or borrowing details) and the email you want me to contact you at if the one you're sending me is not yours. If you've won the bid, I'll contact you via email and ask for your shipping information. (I pay shipping on my item if it is a swap, shipping will be included in the borrow price.) I will not give your email or address to anyone else. Ever.

Deadline: All Bids due by August 20th, 2010. (The deadline is subject to change if there are no bids by the 20th.)

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