Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Goodness I have to catch up! (and talk about food, lol)

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, life just likes to whoosh by sometimes. I have much to catch up on. I posted another "A Dress A Day" outfit on chictopia from Tuesday...
<-woah, it came out right. it's sideways on Chictopia.

Then, I liked dressing up so much that I did it again the next day. But First, we need to make a small detour so I can tell you about my awesome breakfast combo:
1 English muffin (Thomas's, but any kind will do) +  as much as1/4 cup of Greek yogurt (shown here Dannon GREEK w/ honey; there are oodles of varieties available) = 1 delicious, protein-filled breakfast that's only 260 calories. Small for a breakfast, but it's a mighty delicious cousin to the Bagel & cream cheese combo. Also, you can have a bit of fruit (or nuts or what-have-you) too and still manage a low-cal, high-nutrition breakfast. :D Yeah, I'm kind of obsessed with greek-style yogurt...I could write an essay on it, but just try it for yourself and experience the creamy deliciousness of this low-cost, healthy indulgence (one cup of Dannon's yogurt costs just $1 here) yourself. ;)

OK, now onto my incredibly awesome yesterday. I woke up early, had the awesome breakfast featured above, went to my other Dr.'s appointment (new doctor; she was very cool and helpful), then realized I forgot to get the rest of my cash. X( So I went back home to get that and met up one of my friends for lunch at Romano's Macaroni Grill. Btw, if you're looking for reasonably-priced desserts, give that place a try: just 2.99 USD for solo-portioned Ricotta Cheesecake or Panna Cotta. Both are very cute and yummy. (So is the $1.99 lemon sorbetto, if you're a sorbet person like me.) And then we went to the mall where I bought Boots from Charlotte Russe again...but this time they were only $25. (Yay for my pocketbook!) Both feeling more than a bit sleepy, we ended our shopping tour at TJMaxx (but not before I bought a cute little grey dress for $7). <-I wore this on my excursion. More photos on my DIY Page cuz I wanna show off my purse. :D

And then I went home to discover that the fam was headed out to a Chinese buffet (a pleasant, clean Chinese restaurant that happens to be a buffet) that has this really neat Coconut Chicken dish (I dunno what else is in it but I like it.), steamed dumplings and mini-kebabs. Ah, so yummy. After that I just took a nap and slept til 2am...which isn't the best since I had to work today. Thankfully, I managed to resume my sleep, so I wasn't too drowsy today. So...I picked up some wheat bread (I'm like the only person in my household that really likes the stuff, but maybe I'll give some to my man tomorrow.)...and a 12-pack of Greek yogurt (yeah, I told you I'm obsessed).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swap #5: Red Hibiscus Gap Shirt

Yeah, I've still got oodles of items to post here...but I haven't taken photos of them yet. Except for this one.Check out my closet in the background. I got another rod put in so I have more space for my clothes! I highly recommend this if your closet is compatible. Also, I'm working on designing a shoe for the Jeffrey Campbell contest on chictopia...but it's top secret until I submit it on there.
  What: A long-sleeved size Large Gap snap-button collared shirt with a hibiscus print in a sheer fabric.You could wear this with you favorite (Gap) jeans or with dress pants & a blazer or vest to the office. Wherever you wear it, make sure you have a top underneath (or you'll show the world your bra). It would look lovely tied at or above the waist with a skirt or some cut off shorts. I just didn't think to do that at the time or you'd see a photo of it styled like that. This top is for anyone who wants to perk up their work/casual attire or hold onto laid back summer style this fall.

Why: It's just a wee bit too big on me. Baggy/boxy things don't flatter my petite frame, and I don't wear this shirt nearly enough to invest time in a DIY with it. But of course, that means you are allowed to change the to look however you want it.

Quality/Condition: Mint! I haven't worn this shirt much, and I've kept it safe in my closet.

Fit: It will fit most bust/bra sizes up to 40 or even 42. the arms are somewhat looser than your oxford style shirt, so if you have larger arms this may fit-and flatter you. This shirt will also flatter curvier girls (leave a few snaps open for balance), straight/boyish figures, and larger (or smaller) chests if you normally take a misses' size large for your shirts.

How: Email me at with the title of this post in the subject and give me your bid info (swap item or borrowing details) and the email you want me to contact you at if the one you're sending me is not yours. If you've won the bid, I'll contact you via email and ask for your shipping information. (I pay shipping on my item if it is a swap, shipping will be included in the borrow price.) I will not give your email or address to anyone else. Ever.

Buying Option: If you don't have any item you want to swap, you can purchase this shirt for $5+shipping. (It's going to go to the AmVets if nobody wants it, so feel free to haggle a bit.)

Deadline: All Bids on this item due by August 30th, 2010. (The deadline is subject to change if there are no bids by the 30th.)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Forever 21 Back to School contest (Completed!)

How I stand out: I never really fit into a "crowd" when I was in school. I was smart, but I didn't like flaunting it. I was arty, but I didn't shun "talentless" people... I was weird, but the nerds at school got boring really quick. I was musically inclined, but never really got absorbed into the scene or even became a groupie of any band. I stood out because I didn't blend in. Though I set trends (some *way* before their time...skinny-belted crochet tunics? I did it in 7th grade.), I never tried to fit into any category with my style. Style-wise, I just wore what clothes I liked. And the clothes I liked ran the gamut: blue jeans, bomber jackets, tunics, corsets, ballet flats, Converse. I don't think I was ever timid in my style, awkward and undefined at times, perhaps, but never timid. And, to some extent, I still am still the smart, arty, weird, musical girl in a class all her own that rode the bus (albeit sometimes the wrong one) home. Throughout the years, my style has one constant; it is bold and experimental. I tried to put that sort of style into this outfit, a beautiful combination of items I like to wear in the summer and items I've lusted after for fall. The Back to School season is about transitions, in style, but also in life. Though I'm out of school, my life is in transition, too. I've just started a "blog": and I'm getting a regular paycheck now (yay, more boot $, lol). I'm also committing to doing a few things this fall that I should have done this summer (I blame the humidity). I'm planning to be even bolder than ever this fall as I enter another year of being a self-studied student of fashion. And I'd love to have a $100 "research grant" from Forever 21 so I can keep experimenting with the multitude of cheap and chic items they have. ;)

OK, now to get to the nitty gritty details about my outfit: I took this in the 90 degree sunroom. Yes, I know I'm crazy. But the (broken) mini-fridge made the perfect chair and when I propped my foot up on the table, I knew that my awesome new boots would be visible (like my Ettienne Aigners, I will wear these until they disintegrate). I was so happy to find these tights, especially on Yellowtag Sale (P.S.: F21, totally continue the Yellowtag sale in the fall. Millions of Fashionistas will be overjoyed, including this one). They will replace the old lace ones (you've seen 'em in the Memorial Day photo post) I had found...and maybe I'll get some more like these from F21 because I love the texture. I got the shorts way back in May or June, using a Birthday F21 gift certificate. I've worn them quite a bit since then (see "Cherry Bomb" photo). I hadn't really bought myself any black shorts until that day (I guess I just never thought about it), but I hope to find another pair at F21 (maybe ones that are a bit longer so I can wear them through October). The vest is really quite cool. I popped into Hot Topic (on my budget, getting a "half off any item you want" coupon is worth going in and buying something not on clearance.) to redeem my coupon, saw this vest and just swooned (well, not really...but I was very pleased to find a vest that complimented my shorts so well). I'm already thinking of how I want to style it next. The red top I got because I wanted a bit of color for the outfit. I found it on sale at Macy's (and was delighted that it was short enough to tuck into my shorts) It turns out that we might be seeing some brighter colors (like this kind of red) this fall, especially if I  have anything to say about it. Ah, the rolled-up Oxford-style shirt. I used it as a prop/accessory for a bit of fun (way too hot to actually wear it). I have oodles of these kinds of shirts for work. This one makes an excellent layering piece as well, so you'll definitely see it again this fall. There are also two accessories that I didn't tag: my red lace fingerless gloves that I got on clearance ($3) from Hot Topic and My City Buddha Dove Pendant beaded necklace ($10).

The latter item has a great deal of sentimental value to me. Many Chictopians have style icons, rolemodels in fashion and expression. Some are celebs. Some are designers. Some are family members. Mine was a friend who's brief entrance into my life changed it in ways I couldn't comprehend. They called her Paloma. She was an eighteen-year old foreign exchange student from Mexico that had the opportunity to be whisked to the states because her school and ours were exchange partners. We hosted her for a week. She went to school with me (but we only shared Spanish class). She tricked the senior boys into thinking they were big _huevons_ by telling them fake dirty Spanish words. She was shocked and surprised at the idea of homosexual PDA. We went out every day somewhere (Benihana Hibachi, the Museum of Art, the Botanical Gardens). She cared about fashion, but she cared about people and the earth and actually living life as your own person. She convinced me to try on what was probably my first real miniskirt at Charlotte Russe in the mall. She paired it with an off the shoulder top that was really cute (I bought that, but wasn't ready for the thigh-baring skirt). We both also purchased a very unique necklace in the shape of a heart but divided like a peace sign (the chain on mine broke, but I made it into a Christmas ornament). It took me a week after she left to realize that I had made a friend for life. It was at that point that I had gained an interest in fashion beyond what I was going to wear the next day. I missed her, but I wasn't too focused on it because I had planned to go to Merida (where she lived) as an exchange student. She had said that she would host me when I came down. That next year I couldn't go due to personal reasons. I really wish I did, since I found out that even though she had graduated, she was allowed to host the student who came from my school. Not even a year later, Paloma was taken from this world in a terrible accident. I was shaken with a sadness beyond belief when I found out. But knowing that she would want me to keep on living as my own person, I eventually healed. Every time I see a dove-shape, I am reminded of her. (Paloma means Dove in Spanish, so you know.) That's why I bought the necklace from City Buddha, a local store, one winter. I figured that I would share Paloma's story with you because I wear it quite a bit.

Now readers, keeping in mind the guidance that your style icons have given you, go and be the beautiful, stylish and bold people you are! :D

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I've under-slept.

On Wednesday, I celebrated one of my best friend's birthdays by going to a really neat, really cheap (less than $20! It's like going to Geauga Lake ten+ years ago!) water park with her and a half dozen other "respectable young adults". lol Everyone had a great time, myself included. But I brought home the last thing I ever wanted...quite possibly the worst sunburn I've ever had. (That's why I haven't posted any outfits lately.) :( It literally hurts to breathe because the part of it that's on my chest moves just ever so slightly and then thousands of tiny needles of pain press themselves into...the pain-receptor part of  my brain (whatever it's called). So I slathered on some after-sun gel (Mary Kay, $12, works pretty well but I wish I didn't have to use it in the first place) and rested after dinner. And at some point, I fell asleep. And at 2 am, I woke up again and could not go to sleep again. At 3:30 am, I booted up the lappy, which had died on me Tuesday when I was managing this blog & chictopia (and was going to make posts on both). I'm catching up instead of catching z's. But I have work later in the day...hence the title. :\

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Forever 21 Back to school contest (Part 2)

So I went to shopping again today! (Having a regular paycheck sure is nice. :D) I met two of my friends for lunch (Both of them have interviews! I'm wishing them the very best of luck!) and entered the mall with one. She ended up leaving early so she could nap before she started work. I wore....

...but I'll have to watch what I wear with these leggings next time because they kept sliding down. How embarrassing! x.x Thankfully, they didn't fall off of me completely, but having to pull them up so much was annoying.'s what I got:
Hot Topic red lace fingerless gloves...$5 (Clearance, yay!)
Hot Topic black w/ pink bow thigh hi's $3 (Also clearance)
Charlotte Russe "Hammer" Black lace-up Boots $38 (Went a bit over my usual shoe budget, but I'll wear these enough to make up for the difference.)
Planet Gold Red Short Sleeve Shirt $10 (On sale @ Macy's, because you can never have enough red, darling.)

Did I overdo it on the shopping? Be honest with me. Most of the things I got were with the intent of wearing them for this contest, but I'm sure I'll wear them in other outfits, and I don't think I'll let them sit in my closet and collect dust (especially not the boots!). But I don't want to become a shopaholic...just being a trend-setter is fine by me. ;p

Next is Part 3 of the contest, which is the most awesome part (but sometimes the most time-consuming for me): Putting what I've got together to make an outfit that stands out. :D And then comes the posting! So you can finally see photos, yay!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swap #4: Donna Lawrence Black Patent Pumps

What: If you are a fan of sexy black heels, this is the swap for you, dear. I have one pair of Donna Lawrence "Chuck" black heels, from several different angles...all of them are gorgeous!
A view of the top. They come in the original box, too! You can wear these stylish and versatile heels on a date, to the office, or with the girls!
Side view, left shoe. I was able to rest it and it's right-footed counterpart safely on the box's edge. Therefore, the heel is very much even.
Of course, you'll be putting your foot in this shoe, so this is what it would look like when you wear it. (If you wear it with sheer black trouser socks like I have here, anyways.)
And finally, a view from the back, so you can see the heel. I was surprised at it's very sturdy but slender heel. I think it is that way because the base of the heel is spread out to support the foot.

Why: As I'm sure I've mentioned several times already on Chictopia, my feet are not made for heels, especially not tall ones like these. So, as much as I love these shoes, my super-flat feet make it so that I can't even walk in them. Hopefully, you don't share the same plight I do...because these shoes deserve a good home.

Quality/Condition: Never before worn. I've only just put my foot in them twice. (The second time was to take the photos.) If there are any imperfections on the shoe's surface, they were there when I bought them (But I don't see any, and I'm pretty thorough when it comes to my shoes).

Fit: They are a women's Size 7 US. The shoe is slightly longer and narrower than the average 7, so it's not the best for feet that usually have to have a wide width, but it will fit feet who regularly dwell in normal/medium width shoes. If you have an average or high arch (more than an inch or two in height), these heels will be your feet's best friend. I do not have much of an arch, if any, so, alas, these are not the shoes for my feet.

How: Email me at with the title of this post in the subject and give me your bid info (swap item or borrowing details) and the email you want me to contact you at if the one you're sending me is not yours. If you've won the bid, I'll contact you via email and ask for your shipping information. (I pay shipping on my item if it is a swap, shipping will be included in the borrow price.) I will not give your email or address to anyone else. Ever.

Buying Option: If you don't have any item you want to swap, you can purchase these shoes for 1/5 of their original price (7+shipping).

Deadline: All Bids on this item due by August 20th, 2010. (The deadline is subject to change if there are no bids by the 20th.)

Forever 21 Back to school contest (Part 1)

So...I love Forever 21. I've been making miles-long wishlists since last December. And now there's another contest. I would love $100 to spend there (You could buy an entire outfit with $100 there, maybe even 2 or 3!) And I dunno what I'm gonna wear! Oh goodness! It's been so hard to think about fall since the crazy heat wave began here. It seems like all the outfits I've come up with are just so...summery and completely the opposite of back to school. (I shouldn't be this bad at getting a school look together. I've only been out a bit over a year. I guess I'm more than a bit anxious.) But I do have until August 15th to post a photo, so I'm thinking I may as well buy a F21 item. (I gotta go to the mall anyways for a few things.) SO...wish me luck as I sojourn to the mall and hopefully hit the store when it's not crazy crowded.

Edit: Approximately 14 hours after first posting this, the_ed went to her local Forever 21 store. She oohed and aha-ed at all of the crazy wonderful items there, tried on 2 plain white oxford shirts (each in a different size), a green SS tunic (that ended up being way too baggy...and way out of the_ed's price range), a pair of floral full shorts (cute, but too summery for the contest), and two pairs of short-boots (both too snug for the_ed's toes). So the_ed bought...1 plain white oxford shirt! And she spied floral lace tights for $3 by the checkout, so she plucked a pair out of the bin to buy as well...but of course, she also just had to notice a navy & teal striped 3/4 sleeve sweater on her way out. Thankfully, the_ed was far too hungry & tired to be bothered to go back into the fitting room to try the sweater on, so she went home with $12 still left in her wee wallet.

Ok, now back to first-person perspective. I got some really basic items at F21. At first, I felt a bit ashamed that I didn't hunt longer. After all, an Oxford shirt is kind of the opposite of "standing out." But then some style light bulbs turned on in my head and it occurred to me: It's not always what you wear that makes you stand out, but how you wear what you wear.Therefore, if I wear that oxford styled in an atypical way, or pair it with atypical clothing options, then I stand out, even in the most basic of clothing.

Of course, I didn't just shop at Forever21 today. I also went to Hot Topic to redeem a neat coupon that gave me a snazzy vest for just $7 and Body Central to buy the rose cocktail ring I had been wanting forever and trading in my military-style vest for a grey & black lace top I plan on wearing this fall. So maybe my other recent purchases will help me out a bit with this contest, too. I think I need to sleep on it yet again. :\

Anyways, if you haven't entered into this contest, you should endeavor to do so. And let me know if you already have. I'll take a look @ your entry photo and comment. :D

Well, I'm off to bed, where I'll probably dream about this contest...and if I think up something good, hopefully I'll remember it. ;)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Payless Shoe Lovers Contest

I love Payless (reasonably-priced shoes that don't fall apart on you after a year...yes please!) and I love shoes, so I was delighted that Chictopia and Payless has a contest that's all about designing an outfit around your favorite pair of shoes! It was a tough decision, but I decided to pick my pink converse sneakers. You can find out why on My Contest Entry. I really hope I can be one of the five because I haven't won any chic rewards or contests on Chictopia yet. But I've missed a few of them that I wanted to enter, and I don't want that to happen again, so I'm going to keep track of them (and any other contests) on here. Oh yeah, here's some photos of my entry...
<--The outfit.

 <--the shoes

Today is the last day for the contest, so hurry up and enter if you haven't already!

Baseballin' in a Heat Wave

Yesterday the guys and I went to the park and batted around some baseballs. We'd be the worst baseball team ever, but we still had fun. By about 5:30, we got bored with that and tossed around a frisbee and made wholly inappropriate jokes about it. By 6:15, it was too hot to do anything, so we went back, got Arby's and played fighting games on the PS2. You can take a nerd outside, but he's still a nerd. ;P I hope we can play baseball again, and maybe a super game of tennis if we can get together enough rackets. But not today because it's nearly 90 degrees out. X( I forgot how freakin' hot it is here in august. But maybe we'll have a very mild September.