Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forever 21 Back to school contest (Part 1)

So...I love Forever 21. I've been making miles-long wishlists since last December. And now there's another contest. I would love $100 to spend there (You could buy an entire outfit with $100 there, maybe even 2 or 3!) And I dunno what I'm gonna wear! Oh goodness! It's been so hard to think about fall since the crazy heat wave began here. It seems like all the outfits I've come up with are just so...summery and completely the opposite of back to school. (I shouldn't be this bad at getting a school look together. I've only been out a bit over a year. I guess I'm more than a bit anxious.) But I do have until August 15th to post a photo, so I'm thinking I may as well buy a F21 item. (I gotta go to the mall anyways for a few things.) SO...wish me luck as I sojourn to the mall and hopefully hit the store when it's not crazy crowded.

Edit: Approximately 14 hours after first posting this, the_ed went to her local Forever 21 store. She oohed and aha-ed at all of the crazy wonderful items there, tried on 2 plain white oxford shirts (each in a different size), a green SS tunic (that ended up being way too baggy...and way out of the_ed's price range), a pair of floral full shorts (cute, but too summery for the contest), and two pairs of short-boots (both too snug for the_ed's toes). So the_ed bought...1 plain white oxford shirt! And she spied floral lace tights for $3 by the checkout, so she plucked a pair out of the bin to buy as well...but of course, she also just had to notice a navy & teal striped 3/4 sleeve sweater on her way out. Thankfully, the_ed was far too hungry & tired to be bothered to go back into the fitting room to try the sweater on, so she went home with $12 still left in her wee wallet.

Ok, now back to first-person perspective. I got some really basic items at F21. At first, I felt a bit ashamed that I didn't hunt longer. After all, an Oxford shirt is kind of the opposite of "standing out." But then some style light bulbs turned on in my head and it occurred to me: It's not always what you wear that makes you stand out, but how you wear what you wear.Therefore, if I wear that oxford styled in an atypical way, or pair it with atypical clothing options, then I stand out, even in the most basic of clothing.

Of course, I didn't just shop at Forever21 today. I also went to Hot Topic to redeem a neat coupon that gave me a snazzy vest for just $7 and Body Central to buy the rose cocktail ring I had been wanting forever and trading in my military-style vest for a grey & black lace top I plan on wearing this fall. So maybe my other recent purchases will help me out a bit with this contest, too. I think I need to sleep on it yet again. :\

Anyways, if you haven't entered into this contest, you should endeavor to do so. And let me know if you already have. I'll take a look @ your entry photo and comment. :D

Well, I'm off to bed, where I'll probably dream about this contest...and if I think up something good, hopefully I'll remember it. ;)


  1. So cool :) I have yet to enter, but I will let you know all about it :)

  2. Yay! Your previous contest photos were very lovely, so I'm excited to see what you'll come up with this time. :D