Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swap #4: Donna Lawrence Black Patent Pumps

What: If you are a fan of sexy black heels, this is the swap for you, dear. I have one pair of Donna Lawrence "Chuck" black heels, from several different angles...all of them are gorgeous!
A view of the top. They come in the original box, too! You can wear these stylish and versatile heels on a date, to the office, or with the girls!
Side view, left shoe. I was able to rest it and it's right-footed counterpart safely on the box's edge. Therefore, the heel is very much even.
Of course, you'll be putting your foot in this shoe, so this is what it would look like when you wear it. (If you wear it with sheer black trouser socks like I have here, anyways.)
And finally, a view from the back, so you can see the heel. I was surprised at it's very sturdy but slender heel. I think it is that way because the base of the heel is spread out to support the foot.

Why: As I'm sure I've mentioned several times already on Chictopia, my feet are not made for heels, especially not tall ones like these. So, as much as I love these shoes, my super-flat feet make it so that I can't even walk in them. Hopefully, you don't share the same plight I do...because these shoes deserve a good home.

Quality/Condition: Never before worn. I've only just put my foot in them twice. (The second time was to take the photos.) If there are any imperfections on the shoe's surface, they were there when I bought them (But I don't see any, and I'm pretty thorough when it comes to my shoes).

Fit: They are a women's Size 7 US. The shoe is slightly longer and narrower than the average 7, so it's not the best for feet that usually have to have a wide width, but it will fit feet who regularly dwell in normal/medium width shoes. If you have an average or high arch (more than an inch or two in height), these heels will be your feet's best friend. I do not have much of an arch, if any, so, alas, these are not the shoes for my feet.

How: Email me at with the title of this post in the subject and give me your bid info (swap item or borrowing details) and the email you want me to contact you at if the one you're sending me is not yours. If you've won the bid, I'll contact you via email and ask for your shipping information. (I pay shipping on my item if it is a swap, shipping will be included in the borrow price.) I will not give your email or address to anyone else. Ever.

Buying Option: If you don't have any item you want to swap, you can purchase these shoes for 1/5 of their original price (7+shipping).

Deadline: All Bids on this item due by August 20th, 2010. (The deadline is subject to change if there are no bids by the 20th.)

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