Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome to Swap-onomics 101, a crash course in Blog, Borrow or Swap.

Hi everyone!

I'm the_ed, and this is my blogazine. So what exactly is a blogazine? Well, a blog and a magazine step into a supercollider, i.e.: my hyperactive brain, and the results are a blog that's less about the joy and/or pain of my life and more about the wearing, borrowing, swapping and doing fun things. I (and perhaps any number of guest writers) get to blog about various things, namely fashion, shopping, and the clothes that real people wear. All of you out there are real people, like I am. And though you might like the designer ball gown and avant-garde booties Celeb so-and-so is wearing, you really want a comfy sun dress for that backyard BBQ next weekend, or a decent pair of heels for the office. I know that you want clothes that are right for your life and your look, because that's what keeps showing up on store receipts. The other items you buy often find themselves in the back of your closet or drawers, so you don't dig them out until you remodel your bedroom or move out of your apartment and now you have to send it packing. But, what if you didn't have to buy even a few of your real clothes? What if you could trade (swap) a gently used oxford shirt for a lightweight cardigan? Or, what if you rented (borrow) a sequined clutch for your prom or cocktail dress at just 5 to 10 percent (plus shipping) of its original cost? Starting today, you can swap or borrow clothing from my closet over the internet. Heck, why should we stop at clothing and accessories? You can offer up any new or gently used item to borrow or trade for anything posted on here (consumables, like food or cosmetics, must be new and sealed in their packaging). Or if you're just peachy keen with everything you own, you can purchase an item posted on here at a reduced price (plus shipping). Just keep in mind that you may not be the only person who wants to swap or borrow a certain item.

How it works:

Blog, Borrow or Swap is based on a "bid" system, the person with the swap item (or $ amount) that interests me the most "wins the bid" and gets to trade for or purchase the item. In the possible but unlikely event that someone wants to borrow an item with a swap bid already on it or vice versa, a borrowing request will usually win out over a swap, but the swap bid will resume the day the borrowed item is returned, with all swap bids, new and old, put into consideration. However, I very stringently check requests to borrow before they are approved because I want the stuff I rent to people to come back to me so that someone else has the opportunity to borrow or swap it...and that takes a bit of time. So, If you REALLY want any particular item, I suggest that you put in a swap bid with an item from my upcoming wishlist (a photo of or link to the item you'd like to swap would be nice as well). For now, you can't return swapped or purchased items. <-this may change to allow returns on a case by case basis, or for purchases only. Also, I have a "you first" policy on all transactions (purchases, borrows or swaps), which means that the winning bidder sends his or her item first, and I send my item to the winning bidder shortly after I receive her or his item. This way, you don't have to rush to send in your item. Furthermore, I'm the one who's held accountable if I tarry in sending your item, which I won't do since I rely on your good words about me to your friends to promote Blog, Borrow or Swap.

OK, so I'm pretty sure I've covered all facets of how Blog, Borrow or Swap works. Feel free to post any questions for now as I work out all the details of my wee blogazine.


  1. Interesting idea! I like the crossover of reader participation, writing, and fashion into a little business model. If people are hesitant to bid directly on your blogazine, you could possibly open up a joint ebay account along with your posts? But that may not be what you had in mind.

    Have you ever read the Medici Effect by Franz Johannsson, btw? It's a fascinating book, and reminds me of your blog idea. Best of luck!


  2. Hey Tessa,

    Thanks for the input. The "bids" aren't like a simulated auction like websites such as eBay use. I suppose that term still has an auction connotation attached to it, so perhaps I should say that it's a trade. But unlike a simple trade, it's open to any interested party. As far as I know, you can't trade clothes on eBay, so swapping won't work through that. Also, eBay costs $$. And I don't have much of that to spare. But all you have to do is email me at to make a bid. It's confidential (unless you post that you made a bid on a particular item), easy, and relatively painless (It's pain-free if you can remember the password to your Gmail. Guess who didn't, lol).

    Basically, you don't have to worry about anyone seeing your offer/address/info/etc. but me...I'm not even that public of a person as to post my address on a blog.

    And I have yet to read The Medici Effect. Perhaps I will borrow it from the library (after I find all my overdue fashion magazines. Yikes!)