Saturday, August 7, 2010

I've under-slept.

On Wednesday, I celebrated one of my best friend's birthdays by going to a really neat, really cheap (less than $20! It's like going to Geauga Lake ten+ years ago!) water park with her and a half dozen other "respectable young adults". lol Everyone had a great time, myself included. But I brought home the last thing I ever wanted...quite possibly the worst sunburn I've ever had. (That's why I haven't posted any outfits lately.) :( It literally hurts to breathe because the part of it that's on my chest moves just ever so slightly and then thousands of tiny needles of pain press themselves into...the pain-receptor part of  my brain (whatever it's called). So I slathered on some after-sun gel (Mary Kay, $12, works pretty well but I wish I didn't have to use it in the first place) and rested after dinner. And at some point, I fell asleep. And at 2 am, I woke up again and could not go to sleep again. At 3:30 am, I booted up the lappy, which had died on me Tuesday when I was managing this blog & chictopia (and was going to make posts on both). I'm catching up instead of catching z's. But I have work later in the day...hence the title. :\

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  1. gwah! I hate it when that happens! lol but it is good to see that you are catching up :)