Saturday, July 31, 2010

Forever 21 Back to school contest (Part 2)

So I went to shopping again today! (Having a regular paycheck sure is nice. :D) I met two of my friends for lunch (Both of them have interviews! I'm wishing them the very best of luck!) and entered the mall with one. She ended up leaving early so she could nap before she started work. I wore....

...but I'll have to watch what I wear with these leggings next time because they kept sliding down. How embarrassing! x.x Thankfully, they didn't fall off of me completely, but having to pull them up so much was annoying.'s what I got:
Hot Topic red lace fingerless gloves...$5 (Clearance, yay!)
Hot Topic black w/ pink bow thigh hi's $3 (Also clearance)
Charlotte Russe "Hammer" Black lace-up Boots $38 (Went a bit over my usual shoe budget, but I'll wear these enough to make up for the difference.)
Planet Gold Red Short Sleeve Shirt $10 (On sale @ Macy's, because you can never have enough red, darling.)

Did I overdo it on the shopping? Be honest with me. Most of the things I got were with the intent of wearing them for this contest, but I'm sure I'll wear them in other outfits, and I don't think I'll let them sit in my closet and collect dust (especially not the boots!). But I don't want to become a shopaholic...just being a trend-setter is fine by me. ;p

Next is Part 3 of the contest, which is the most awesome part (but sometimes the most time-consuming for me): Putting what I've got together to make an outfit that stands out. :D And then comes the posting! So you can finally see photos, yay!

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  1. Love the look! I don't think that you went over. Most of the stuff you got was on sale and you said that you would weart he boots, so your good!