Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Goodness I have to catch up! (and talk about food, lol)

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, life just likes to whoosh by sometimes. I have much to catch up on. I posted another "A Dress A Day" outfit on chictopia from Tuesday...
<-woah, it came out right. it's sideways on Chictopia.

Then, I liked dressing up so much that I did it again the next day. But First, we need to make a small detour so I can tell you about my awesome breakfast combo:
1 English muffin (Thomas's, but any kind will do) +  as much as1/4 cup of Greek yogurt (shown here Dannon GREEK w/ honey; there are oodles of varieties available) = 1 delicious, protein-filled breakfast that's only 260 calories. Small for a breakfast, but it's a mighty delicious cousin to the Bagel & cream cheese combo. Also, you can have a bit of fruit (or nuts or what-have-you) too and still manage a low-cal, high-nutrition breakfast. :D Yeah, I'm kind of obsessed with greek-style yogurt...I could write an essay on it, but just try it for yourself and experience the creamy deliciousness of this low-cost, healthy indulgence (one cup of Dannon's yogurt costs just $1 here) yourself. ;)

OK, now onto my incredibly awesome yesterday. I woke up early, had the awesome breakfast featured above, went to my other Dr.'s appointment (new doctor; she was very cool and helpful), then realized I forgot to get the rest of my cash. X( So I went back home to get that and met up one of my friends for lunch at Romano's Macaroni Grill. Btw, if you're looking for reasonably-priced desserts, give that place a try: just 2.99 USD for solo-portioned Ricotta Cheesecake or Panna Cotta. Both are very cute and yummy. (So is the $1.99 lemon sorbetto, if you're a sorbet person like me.) And then we went to the mall where I bought Boots from Charlotte Russe again...but this time they were only $25. (Yay for my pocketbook!) Both feeling more than a bit sleepy, we ended our shopping tour at TJMaxx (but not before I bought a cute little grey dress for $7). <-I wore this on my excursion. More photos on my DIY Page cuz I wanna show off my purse. :D

And then I went home to discover that the fam was headed out to a Chinese buffet (a pleasant, clean Chinese restaurant that happens to be a buffet) that has this really neat Coconut Chicken dish (I dunno what else is in it but I like it.), steamed dumplings and mini-kebabs. Ah, so yummy. After that I just took a nap and slept til 2am...which isn't the best since I had to work today. Thankfully, I managed to resume my sleep, so I wasn't too drowsy today. So...I picked up some wheat bread (I'm like the only person in my household that really likes the stuff, but maybe I'll give some to my man tomorrow.)...and a 12-pack of Greek yogurt (yeah, I told you I'm obsessed).

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