Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swap #5: Red Hibiscus Gap Shirt

Yeah, I've still got oodles of items to post here...but I haven't taken photos of them yet. Except for this one.Check out my closet in the background. I got another rod put in so I have more space for my clothes! I highly recommend this if your closet is compatible. Also, I'm working on designing a shoe for the Jeffrey Campbell contest on chictopia...but it's top secret until I submit it on there.
  What: A long-sleeved size Large Gap snap-button collared shirt with a hibiscus print in a sheer fabric.You could wear this with you favorite (Gap) jeans or with dress pants & a blazer or vest to the office. Wherever you wear it, make sure you have a top underneath (or you'll show the world your bra). It would look lovely tied at or above the waist with a skirt or some cut off shorts. I just didn't think to do that at the time or you'd see a photo of it styled like that. This top is for anyone who wants to perk up their work/casual attire or hold onto laid back summer style this fall.

Why: It's just a wee bit too big on me. Baggy/boxy things don't flatter my petite frame, and I don't wear this shirt nearly enough to invest time in a DIY with it. But of course, that means you are allowed to change the to look however you want it.

Quality/Condition: Mint! I haven't worn this shirt much, and I've kept it safe in my closet.

Fit: It will fit most bust/bra sizes up to 40 or even 42. the arms are somewhat looser than your oxford style shirt, so if you have larger arms this may fit-and flatter you. This shirt will also flatter curvier girls (leave a few snaps open for balance), straight/boyish figures, and larger (or smaller) chests if you normally take a misses' size large for your shirts.

How: Email me at with the title of this post in the subject and give me your bid info (swap item or borrowing details) and the email you want me to contact you at if the one you're sending me is not yours. If you've won the bid, I'll contact you via email and ask for your shipping information. (I pay shipping on my item if it is a swap, shipping will be included in the borrow price.) I will not give your email or address to anyone else. Ever.

Buying Option: If you don't have any item you want to swap, you can purchase this shirt for $5+shipping. (It's going to go to the AmVets if nobody wants it, so feel free to haggle a bit.)

Deadline: All Bids on this item due by August 30th, 2010. (The deadline is subject to change if there are no bids by the 30th.)


  1. Too bad the top is so big, the color looks grat on you!

  2. Yeah, I really like the red color. But don't worry, I have more red shirts in my closet. ;)I'd rather see this worn by someone who will look awesome in the style and the color of the shirt than keep it. I figure that person will wear it more and maybe even cherish it for a few years. :D